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All About RBAM Designated Contacts

NOTE: Bridges Monitoring does not take responsibility for the actions or inaction of program participants or their designated contacts or of the consequences thereof. Bridges Monitoring does not act as a contact for the purposes of real-time monitoring. 



A designated contact is a person selected by an RBAM participant or their legal representative to receive alerts or notifications generated by the participant’s use of their remote breath alcohol testing device. Designated contacts also have access to the participant’s monitoring data through the online device application, as collected via their use of the remote breath alcohol monitoring device.


This document was created in order to

  • help Monitoring participants most effectively choose designated contacts to help them in their monitoring process

  • outline the responsibilities that designated contacts have towards the participant

  • help participants and designated contacts organize themselves for the most effective use of the RBAM program.


The following is a series of recommendations pertaining to designated participant contacts in the RBAM program. 


Choosing A Designated Contact:

When choosing a designated contact, the RBAM participant should consider, amongst other things:

  • the availability of their intended designated contact

  • the intended designated contact’s reliability

  • their relationship with the designated contact and the stake that they may have in monitoring the participant

  • the intended designated contact’s access to a mobile device and their competency in using it.


Participant Responsibilities vis a vis Designated Contacts:

The participant is responsible for:

  • Organizing your designated contacts so that there is always someone available to take responsibility for receiving alerts according to your monitoring schedule (if applicable)

  • Making sure the designated contact is aware of their responsibilities and their turn to be on alert

  • Making sure that they are available at the time you need them to be monitoring you

  • Creating a plan of what to do in case of a positive test result (if applicable)


Contact Responsibilities:

Contacts are responsible for

  • Familiarizing themselves with the monitoring schedule of the participant, and knowing what the times they are scheduled to be on alert (if applicable)

  • Knowing what to do in case of a positive test result (if applicable)

  • Keeping the participant appraised of any changes to their availability

  • Ascertaining that the submitted data is valid.

Choosing A Contact
Participant Responibilites
Contact Resonsibilities
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