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3-1136 Centre St Suite 121

Thornhill, ON L4J 3M8

Phone: 1-877-505-0336

Fax :  (289) 472-5657


Bridges Medical Clinic was founded to traverse the gaps in addiction treatment. We specialize in helping patients through high risk periods in their progress and during times of greater vulnerability.

Our care is customized to meet each individual’s immediate needs and long-term goals. We offer an array of supportive services to compliment the medical aspect of treatment and encourage patients to approach recovery as a multidimensional process. We help patients build comprehensive treatment plans to meet the goals they've set.

Our focus is on recovering function, whether that means returning to work, school, family, or overall healthy living.

Bridges Medical Clinic serves people from all over Ontario by providing virtual and in-person appointments. Many of our services are covered by OHIP.

  • Addiction Treatment and Medication Management

  • Medical Bridging Before and After Residential and Outpatient Treatments

  • Longitudinal Addiction and Mental Health Treatment


  • Medical Monitoring for Workplace and Family Law Applications


  • Fitness for Work/Duty

  • Consultations

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