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... you have probably  already acknowledged that you have an unhealthy relationship with drugs, alcohol, or another addictive substance or activity.

You have probably decided that you would like to do something about it. You are exploring your options.  This might not be your first time going through this process.

Bridges Medical Centre was developed with you in mind. We understand that finding your way back to  a balanced version of yourself is not always easy or predictable.  Sometimes there are setbacks.  Our job is to help you keep moving forward, and to help you cross from one stage of recovery to the next.


What does addiction treatment look like?

Our primary service is outpatient community health care.  There is a lot that can be accomplished by having the support of a medical  professional who is knowledgeable and up-to-date on addiction issues.

After the initial assessment, patients will typically meet with a doctor, either virtually, or in-person about twice per month, depending on their specific needs. These regular check-ins are the foundation of a successful recovery.

Courses of treatment can include medical or non-pharmaceutical strategies, or a combination of both. Medications exist which help to safely control cravings and drug dependence. Your Bridges doctor will assess if any of these are right for you. If prescribed, they will monitor your progress through regular testing and make adjustments as necessary. There are also scientifically proven and effective methods for  learning greater self-control and mood regulation, which can go a long way in addiction treatment.

Your doctor might also recommend more specific forms of medical or non-medical treatment, and they will be able to direct you to some of the experts in their field, some of which are available through our clinic.

Back to Work

Can you help me get back to work?

The goal of addiction treatment is to help a patient change their relationship with an addictive substance or behaviour so that they can return to a functional life.  For many people this means going back to a job or their family. 

Bridges offers a monitoring program which can test for drugs and alcohol in your system. With your permission, this information can be shared with employers

We work with you to find stability so that you can be held accountable to bosses, spouses and partners, children, and yourself. We can help you find ways to modify your lifestyle so that addiction is not at the forefront.

Manage Addiction and Family

Can you help me manage my addiction while I manage my family?

For many people, addiction treatment is what enables them to be good spouses, partners, and parents.  In unfortunate cases where addiction has come between a patient and their loved ones, starting treatment can be the first step towards rebuilding trust or reforming ties. 

Often, when people are able to step away from drug and alcohol dependencies, they are more able to recognize and deal with the underlying factors that drove them to addiction to begin with. Bridges can connect you with people and organizations who can help you unravel these issues.

In the longer term, addiction treatment is designed to help you stabilize yourself so that you can dedicate more time, energy, and money towards positive and meaningful things, and away substances and behaviours that are damaging to you and to the people around you.  Addiction treatment can't guarantee that you will never forget another birthday or that your house will suddenly be spotless, but it can help give your life structure so that you can find space for important things.



What Makes You Differnent?

What if I relapse?

Relapse is unfortunate, and we are dedicated to helping you prevent it.  That being said, we know that you are here because you have chosen to improve your life, and we also know that addiction is tough to beat. Our job is not to judge you, but to help you get back on your feet and keep moving forward.

There are guidelines in addiction medicine which govern what happens in terms of medication and allowances  at every stage of treatment.  Bridges' doctors are trained to apply these guidelines, which were developed to provide the highest level of care to patients. 

I've met other addiction specialists. How are you different?

The term 'health care' tends  to get tossed around today without any real thought to the meaning behind it.  At Bridges, we know that health requires care, and that care requires health.  (We know it sounds cheesy, but it's true!). We place a high priority on the respect and dignity of each individual, and we aim to cultivate an environment where every patient, staff, and partner agency act according to those goals as well.  Being treated with respect and dignity makes a person feel respectful and dignified, which makes for a more confident, happier, and healthier individual who can make better choices, and  is better able to care for themselves and those around them. 

Bridges staff are hired based on their experience but also on their ability to help patients understand that their individual situations and needs are always being considered.  We believe that good and professional doctor-patient relationships are very valuable in helping patients find success in addiction treatment.


How much will your services cost me?


How do I make an appointment?


Who is eligible for treatment/care at Bridges?

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