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One-on-one counselling

We know that, while it seems easy, asking for help can actually feel like a hurdle. Reaching out for therapy is an important step towards a return to health and function.  Let us answer any questions that you may have about the psychotherapy services we provide.

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What Is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is the use of psychological tools to help improve mood, gain better control of emotions and help create healthier coping mechanisms to overcome undesirable behaviours. It can help with problems such as: anxiety, depression and addiction, as well as other types of problematic patterns of behaviour that can interfere with quality of life, work and relationships.

What can I expect in my therapy sessions?
In the first session we will discuss your reasons for coming to therapy or questions that you may have about therapy in general, and we will come up with goals that we may want to work on during therapy. We will discuss relevant historical information such as family history, relationships, major life events, and ways in which you have coped with stressors throughout your life. In subsequent sessions we will revisit some of these themes and work on ways to integrate coping skills into your day-to-day activities so that they may become second nature.

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Why Bridges?
Bridges’ therapists are fully certified and have experience and training in the area of addiction. Therapy sessions occur virtually, using an online platform (such as Zoom or OTN), so they may be conducted from the convenience of your own home and do not require any travel or waiting rooms.


$190 per 50-minute session (A standard therapy session is 50 minutes in length). You will be receiving an
invoice from Bridges Medical Clinic.
Many medical insurance plans cover services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist.
Sliding scale is available on a limited basis. Please speak to your therapist for details.

What is Psychotherpy
Why Bridges
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