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Medical Monitoring for Family and Criminal Law Applications
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When a client has a problematic relationship with alcohol or drugs, there are understandable concerns and ramifications ranging from custody and visitation to parole and probation. Medical monitoring is a system used to provide support and create accountability. It creates transparency about the individual’s commitment to abstinence by providing ongoing randomized or scheduled tests that are verifiable. Medical monitoring is an opportunity for your client to develop new habits while building trust with their support system.


Bridges Monitoring currently provides several options for medical monitoring.

1. Biological Testing can be done on a scheduled or randomized basis. All biological tests are reviewed by an independent Medical Review Officer (MRO) to ensure objectivity and medical compliance. Biological tests can take place at home or in a lab within the client's community. Biological testing may include:

  • Urine drug tests for monitoring alcohol and drugs.

  • Blood testing for alcohol and drugs.

  • Hair testing for longitudinal monitoring.

2. Remote breath alcohol monitoring (RBAM) is an easy and discrete way to submit samples without ever requiring a trip to a lab. The devices are portable and may be used multiple times per day for scheduled alcohol screening. RBAM devices are linked to a secure smartphone app which provides accurate and time-specific data. RBAM can help clients and legal teams on either side of the equation reduce anxiety and build trust. RBAM allows clients with a history of alcohol abuse to establish accountability, and it can encourage peace of mind for all parties involved in the case.

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Bridges views medical monitoring as an occasion for growth; not just a means of enforcement.  We emphasize individualized, patient centred, and compassionate care provided by physicians who are experienced the field of Addiction Medicine. Clients requiring additional support can be referred to other physicians within Bridges’ circle of care for further medical or psychiatric addiction treatment, which may be provided concurrently with monitoring.

Bridges Monitoring physicians will meet regularly with clients to review and assess their progress. They are positioned to identify relapse, substitution addictions, and other risks, and can initiate interventions if necessary.

We truly see ourselves as providing a ‘bridge’ for people in the vulnerable stage of recovery who are trying to find their way towards a healthy lifestyle. Legal teams and representatives are uniquely positioned to contribute to this process, which is why we are interested in partnering with you to provide medical monitoring services. Please contact us to learn more about how Bridges Monitoring can work with you to provide high quality, comprehensive care to your clients.

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