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Medical Monitoring for employers


A healthy workforce is in everybody’s best interest. When welcoming an employee back to the workplace after a diagnosis of substance use disorder, it’s important to consider safety measures for the sake of the group as well as the individual. Employer-provided medical monitoring can mitigate risk while promoting the continued success of the employee, the company, and the community at large.

It’s well known that accountability is key to long term recovery from addiction. Medical monitoring is a formalized accountability structure through which employers can offer support to their staff. Medical monitoring creates transparency about the individual’s commitment to abstinence by providing ongoing randomized or scheduled tests that are verifiable. It gives employees an opportunity to develop new habits while building trust with their employer.


Bridges Monitoring currently provides two main options for medical monitoring:

Urine drug tests can be used for monitoring alcohol and drugs. Tests can be scheduled or randomized and are reviewed by independent Medical Review Officers to ensure objectivity.

Remote breath a alcohol monitoring (RBAM)is an easy and discrete way to submit samples without requiring a trip to the lab. The device is portable and may be used multiple times per day for scheduled alcohol testing. It is linked to a secure smartphone app and provides accurate, and time-specific data. Other types of testing, such as blood analysis, are also available.

Individual and group therapy are also available through our clinic.


Recovery is an inherently vulnerable process. We truly see ourselves as a ‘bridge’ to help people across obstacles they may face as they return to work and a healthier life. Employers are uniquely positioned to support these interests , which is why we believe in partnering with you to provide medical monitoring services.

Bridges Monitoring emphasizes individualized, patient centred, and compassionate care provided by physicians who are experienced the field of Addiction Medicine. Bridges physicians will meet regularly with clients, and can initiate interventions if necessary. Clients requiring additional support can be referred to other physicians within Bridges’ circle of care for medical addiction treatment.

Monthly client/physician encounters may include (as needed): 

  • review of treatment plan, test results, and compliance of treatment plan

  • medication review

  • risk assessment for relapse, substitution usage,  and other risk factors

  • testing requisitions and scheduling of collection appointments.


Patients with positive test results will be contacted by the Medical Review Officer to investigate the results. Appropriate parties will also be informed.


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Please contact us by phone, by e-mail, or by using our contact form
to set up a medical monitoring program for your employees.

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