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Medical Monitoring For Patients

RBAM: Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring

For questions or more information about RBAM, please call 1877 505 0336, e-mail, or fill in our contact form.

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1. Accountability

  • Knowing that someone is checking in on them in real-time  is the factor that helps keep many people from drinking.

  • No more he-said/she-said.  The results speak for themselves.

  • Your stats can help you and your team see where you really are in your recovery.


2. Convenience

  • RBAM is very discrete and easy to use. It’s much more convenient than other types of monitoring, such as lab tests, because the device fits in your pocket or bag and can be used anywhere.

Medical Worker

3. Medical

  • Your team can use the RBAM data to better understand your drinking patterns and situations and get a clearer picture of where you are in your recovery process. This knowledge will help them to fine-tune the best course of treatment for you.

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1. You will need to have a smartphone with internet connectivity in order to use the RBAM device.

2. Once you register, the RBAM device will be delivered to your door.

3. Bridges staff will activate the device over the phone and teach you how to start using it and the associated smartphone app.

4. You and / or your team will choose a monitoring pattern that is suitable for your goals, based on your lifestyle and where you are in your recovery process. Testing can be scheduled, randomized, or voluntary, depending on your needs. 


5. When the RBAM app on your phone sends you a reminder, take out the device and blow into it. Once the app tells you that the data was correctly recorded, you can put away the device until your next alert.

6. When you take a test, the device will collect your photo (via your smartphone for verification purposes), temperature, GPS location, and time of testing. It will also, of course, read your BAC (measurement of blood alcohol content).

7. The results will be sent to the cloud-based app associated with the device, and will be accessible to your designated registrant.   ​In addition to the information above, the app will also show what time the information was uploaded to the system (in case of insufficient internet connectivity at the time of testing) and whether the test was voluntary or required.

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Note:  RBAM is not an OHIP-covered service. You are not obligated to sign up for or use RBAM in order to receive medical care. You may have a different monitoring physician from your medical one in order to preserve the therapeutic relationship. In certain circumstances (which will be discussed), your physician is legally required to report ongoing substance use to the ministry of transportation.

How does it work?
How Does it Work

For questions or more information about RBAM, please call 1877 505 0336, e-mail, or fill in our contact form.

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